Knockback and Stunning

I use the following table to generalize the effect of a powerful blow against a character, resulting in the character being knocked down, knocked away, and/or stunned. Each time the target takes damage in the specified ranges, roll 1d100 vs the listed percentage to see if he/she is affected. If so, then depending on the nature of the attack and the target, the DM can use a description of the target being knocked to the ground, knocked some distance away, knocked into something that will delay him/her, or just being stunned. The longer the delay before the character can return to combat, the more severe the description should be.

The first table is for normal humanoids, including people with Extraordinary PS and people in modern body armor. The second table is for targets that are much larger than man-sized, have Superhuman or Supernatural PS, are invulnerable, have more than 150 SDC, or are in power armor or mecha.
Effect vs Normal Foe
Damage Chance of Effect Effect
1-15 0% None
16-30 20% lose 1 action
31-45 30% lose 1 action
46-60 50% lose 2 actions
61-75 70% lose 3 actions
76-99 85% lose 4 actions
100+ 95% lose all actions this round and next

Effect vs Super Foe
Damage Chance of Effect Effect
1-15 0% None
16-30 10% lose 1 action
31-45 25% lose 1 action
46-60 40% lose 2 actions
61-75 60% lose 3 actions
76-99 80% lose 4 actions
100+ 90% lose all actions this round and next

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