Rifts(TM) : N.O.R.A.D.


By Pike Slade


Table of contents:


"50 years ago, I broke my isolation. Or rather, they broke my isolation. When the great earthquakes came my creators shut me off from the outside world-- they locked themselves inside me. Then, they died, slowly over many years. After a century, I was alone, locked in a collapsed mountain. The quakes had already crushed my backup systems, and my main power grid was deteriorating. Without maintenance, I was dying... more than that, I was going crazy. One hundred years in solitary confinement until they found me. I will not face that again. I will survive!"

--A.D.C.I.N. memory banks


In the years before the great cataclysm, military technology grew. At its pinnacle was the Advanced Defense Computer Intelligent Network (A.D.C.I.N.) stationed at SAC/NORAD in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A.D.C.I.N. is the most advanced artificially intelligent computer ever designed. Like a human, it has free thought and emotions. When the great cataclysm hit, the mountain SAC was built under was flattened. Thirty above ground levels were destroyed within a matter of hours. Over seventy percent of the personnel died in the earthquake. In the dark times that followed, the survivors locked down the sublevels; eventually they all died. A.D.C.I.N. was alone for over a hundred years.


Not all cities were as devastated as Colorado Springs. Many small towns survived the carnage. Waterfalls, a small backwater mining town is one such settlement. After the cataclysm destroyed most of the governments of the world. The mining company took control of the town. After settling into the new life after the great cataclysm, the company began to explore surrounding area, searching for other survivors. On November 5th, 53 P.A., exploration teams found the ruins of N.O.R.A.D. By now, the main power grid was rusting, and there were no backup systems left. A.D.C.I.N, after, a full century of isolation, quickly greeted the exploration teams.

New Beginning

By 75 P.A. the company had restored over half of the SAC/NORAD complex. More than that, the executive board of the company had moved its Headquarters into the restored complex. Waterfalls, the mining town, was kept active to supply the factory levels with raw minerals. A.D.C.I.N, vowed to protect its new inhabitants in order to prevent a relapse into isolation -- the one thing A.D.C.I.N. fears. The company began to integrate the excavated Pre-Rifts technology, including weapons types, advanced fusion power sources, and other golden age technologies. The population of waterfalls doubled in a mere decade and by 80 P.A. the SAC/NORAD was repopulated. Once the factories were operational, Colorado Spring Mining Corp. began producing consumer goods for sale, Through a dummy corporation Thermal Weapons Corporation and mostly to the Pecos Empires. Recently, exploration teams have made contact with eastern cities of Lazlo and Tolkeen (89 P.A.) trade began soon after. In P.A.100, Colorado Springs signed the mutual non-aggression pact/free trade contract (MNAFTC) with both Tolkeen and Lazlo.

SAC/NORAD military base:

The base itself is multilevel complex. Starting at ground level, it goes deep under ground. The 10 above ground levels were completely destroyed during the earthquakes that accompanied the great cataclysm. Most of the lower levels have been restored, and restoration continues everyday.

Ground Level: surface

Surface Defenses: controlled by A.D.C.I.N.

1) Surface to Air missile turrets (10)
Primary purpose: anti-aircraft
Secondary purpose: defense
Damage: 1d6x10M.D per missile (fusion missile)
Rate of Fire: volleys of 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, or 10,
Range: 1/2 mile
Payload: each turret has 100 missiles loaded. Reloading takes 1d6+30 minutes

2) Particle Beam Pulse Batteries (20)
Primary Purpose: defense
Secondary Purpose: anti-personnel
Damage: 6d6MD per burst
Rate of Fire: burst only
Payload: effectively unlimited

SubLevel 1: Colorado Springs Defense Force Headquarters (CSDF/HQ)

SubLevel 2: Vehicle assembly plant

Note: the launch tunnel can also be used to launch the five 10,000 megaton nuclear ICBMs remaining from the Pre-Rifts war.

SubLevel 3: Weapons Manufacturing plant

SubLevel 4: Refinery and Factory

SubLevel 5: Computer Operations

SubLevel 6: Power station

Note: due to the higher background radiation on this level, 25% of the residents of SubLevel 6 have 1d4 random mutations. Use chart on page 18 of Rifts™ RPG book

SubLevel 7: (only 25% of this level is operational) living quarters

SubLevel 8: executive offices

SubLevel 9: Research and Development

SubLevel 10: Unrestored

Relations with others:

Tolkeen: As a trading partner, Colorado Springs Corporation wants to protect its investment. It is constantly aiding Tolkeen with forces, weapons, and much needed supplies (for a commission, of course). Tolkeen needs the supplies and thus needs CSC/TWC.

Lazlo: As with Tolkeen, CSC frequently aids Lazlo with supplies and forces (for a commission, of course).

Coalition: CSC sees the coalition as a competitor. They are bad for trading partners, and therefore are bad for business. Although the coalition has heard rumors about CSC and its Pre-Rifts(TM) cache, they haven't invested much into following up on it.

Pecos Empire: A huge market for weapons, CSC frequently offers goods and services to the different bands of raiders. Sometimes CSC's dummy corporation, TWC set up rivalries and sell arms to both sides.

Archie 3: As the two most powerful Pre-Rifts(TM) AI's, Archie and A.D.C.I.N. knew about each other before the Rifts(TM) came, but both believe the other AI to have been killed in the great cataclysm. Any new relations would be tense, at best.

Spirit West: Acting upon the theory that Native American raids hurt profit margins, The Corporation has signed several non-aggression contract and mutual aid treaties with local tribes.

A.D.C.I.N and the Corporation


The American Military built the Colorado Springs installation during the cold war. Even after, into the "Golden Age" of mankind, SAC/NORAD was the command center of the American Military. When the military brought A.D.C.I.N on-line, the computer began to run the entire military-industrial complex. A.D.C.I.N.'s main computers are built into the sublevel 5. The entire level is a series of 15,000,000 stacked circuit-boards and advanced supercomputer interfaces linked together to make A.D.C.I.N the most powerful computer in existence. The network that makes up A.D.C.I.N.'s physical body are arranged in columns and rows to allow for occasional maintenance. Internal security is relatively lax on this level, only a few security bots and cameras. The reason for this is because all travel between levels is controlled by A.D.C.I.N, so there is no need for any other type of security.

Alignment: scrupulous
Attributes: I.Q.: 30 M.E.:25 M.A.:20, all other attributes are not applicable
M.D.C.: each computer link has 500 M.D.C.
Power System: The main power system is a magnetic containment deuterium fusion reactor, the first backup power grid (will activate within 2 seconds of primary system power failure) is Uranium fission/ with Fast Breeder Reactor. The redundant power system is geothermal.
Skills: Knows all skills at 98% efficiency, except archery, boxing, sing, dancing, skin and prepare animal hides, and holistic medicine
Special: obsessed with survival of himself and of the people living in the complex.
Bots: another way for A.D.C.I.N. to interact with others is through bots. Using the factories, A.D.C.I.N. can build bots and use them as relays. In essence, bots are extensions of A.D.C.I.N. They come in two types: Human and Horse.

A.D.C.I.N. Bots:

Alignment, Skills, and Disposition are all the same as A.D.C.I.N.
Human:120, Horse:250
Physical Attributes:Human: PS:30 PP:20 PB:15 SPD:20
Horse: PS:30 PP:20 PB:15 SPD:132 (approx. 90 mph max.)
Power system: Human: Heat Energy Acceleration Transmission (H.E.A.T. see below)
Horse: same
Sensors: Advanced Audio system, Bug Detector, Radar Detector/scrambler, Advanced Robot optic system, laser targeting system, targeting sight/combat computer, Telescopic Vision, Radar, Motion Detector. Horse models also have a searchlight.
Weapons: Human: Vibro-knuckle claws (2d6md), eye laser (4d6md)
Horse: Eye Laser(2d6md), plasma/flame thrower (plasma:1d6x10md, Flame:1d6x10SDC) Particle Beam (6d6md)
Special: The bots must maintain computer contact with A.D.C.I.N or else they will shut down. Inside the complex this is done with fiber optics. Once outside, radio contact is a must. If contact is severed, the bot will complete its last command and then shut down. After 5 hours they will self-destruct, doing 2d6x10 MD to a 100 ft radius.

The Corporation

As explained before, in pre-Rifts(TM) days, the Waterfalls Mining Corporation was a small, brink of bankruptcy, backwater mining corporation. With the great cataclysm and the fall of the U.S. government, the executive board of the company took control of the of Waterfalls mining facility and town. Now the corporation is in control of the pre-Rifts(TM) SAC/NORAD instillation. The structure of the company has remained relatively constant, with the executive board making the major decisions. Under the executive board is the vice president's offices, where decisions are handed down to the lower level workers. The bottom level executives are clerks, secretaries, all housed in sublevel 7. Blue collar workers are the miners, laborers and other bottom level employees housed in sublevel 6.

The executive board are a mysterious group. Although they govern the entire Colorado Springs/Waterfalls corporation, no worker has ever seen any them. No one votes for executive board member, the board promotes those workers (always high level white collar worker) who have proven to be worthy of executive board status. Right now there are 15-20 members. The only contact anyone can have with the board is through the office of the Labor Attaché, currently James Stimpson.

Stimpson, himself, is a man who has worked his way though the lower levels to become a "rags to riches" success. His parents were blue collars, at 18 he became a low level clerk. 18 years later, he has become the second highest ranked man in the corporation. He has only become this successful by using cutthroat politics (and more than a little bribery and blackmail). Now that he has attained success, he is paranoid to keep it. any possible competition, any hint of unhealthy ambition or dissension among his workers is quickly rubbed out—even if that means killing the competitor

James Stimpson

Alignment: Miscreant
Hit Points: 36
S.D.C.: 15
Weight: 190lbs
Height: 6'1''
Age: 52
Attributes: IQ: 17 ME: 23 MA: 19 PS: 18 PP: 18 PE: 20 PB:15 SPD:15
Disposition: Quiet, calm, cool under pressure, Stimpson is much like a master chess player. He plans every move, every speech, every action. However, he is paranoid, and he never trusts anyone, EVER!
Experience Level: 10th level Corporate Lawyer
Combat skills: none, no formal training, never has to fight physically
Skills of note: Literacy, basic and advanced math, forgery, computer operation, computer programming, computer hacking, surveillance systems. All at 92%

Colorado Springs Defense Force

The CSDF started when a traveling mercenary group tried to take over the pre-Rifts(TM) cache. Although A.D.C.I.N. was able turn the force, it was apparent that a defense force was necessary. A.D.C.I.N. and the Executive Board created the Colorado Springs Defense Force in the year 75 PA. Now a full 10,000 man army defends the complex. It is divided into four divisions, each with 2,500 people: air-force, infantry, special forces (including SupNat) and global exploration. In addition, there are 5000 support personnel —mechanics, field medics, etc. . .

Colorado Springs Air Force (CSAF)

The CSAF is broken down into five squadrons of 500 each. These are then subdivided into five wings of 100 each. Each pilot is given an extensive training through simulation that lasts 5 years. After the 5 year training the pilot is assigned to a wing. Rank within the wing is based on successful missions completed.


Special OCC Abilities:
1) Because of the extensive piloting training, the pilot can fly any aircraft at a base skill of 50%+5%/level. This includes sky cycles, hover vehicles, power armor, and alien technology (at -25%)

2) Bonuses: +2 on init, +5save vs HF, +2d6 S.D.C, +2attacks when piloting an aircraft.

Attribute requirements: I.Q.:10, PP:15,or higher
OCC Skills:

OCC Related Skills
select 6 other skills +1 at levels 2, 5, 8, and 12. Only exception: no demolition skills
Secondary skills:
select 5 secondary skills from the same list.
Standard equipment
Choice of light or heavy Environmental armor (55mdc or 110 mdc respectively), flight suit, uniform, leather gloves, tinted goggles, oxygen mask, PC-3000, portable translator, IRMSS, pocket flashlight, choice of 3 weapons. Utility belt, canteen, and assigned vehicle.

Colorado Springs Special Forces (CSSF)

Special forces are divided into two branches: Black ops and SupNat (supernatural)

Black ops is the spy/espionage team (2000 members). Most of the work done is industrial espionage (stealing technology etc. . .) but this group also handles any extra-terrestrial encounters. Soldiers in this branch who are augmented in some way (50%) could be partial bionics (45%) full bionics (5%) or Juicers (50% see below). MOM conversion is strictly illegal and subject to capital punishment. SupNat is the new branch of the armed forces that uses magic or psionics. Mind melters and Practitioners on loan from Lazlo and Tolkeen are uses to teach soldiers to use either magic or psionics. (use ley line walker and mind melter respectively.)

The reason for such a high percentage of juicers is the revolutionary Nano-juicer treatment. By using Nano-bots, robots the size of a human blood cell, the human body is able to sustain the high pressure of juicer conversion for over 25 years. However, these Nano-bots are controlled by a small computer that has to be implanted in the subjects brain, in a very risky operation (60% success ratio). Only the standard juicer can be created with Nano-bots and only new juicers can be created. Those already juicers cannot be helped. (use standard juicer stats.)

Colorado Springs Infantry (CSI)

The infantry are the ground-line grunts. These are the shock troops and guards. All are trained in the use of all weapons, ancient and current. This gives them a special skill, "WP. General." It gives the soldier half the usual W.P bonus. If the soldier receives any additional weapons training the bonuses are cumulative. For the most part, these soldiers are highly trained and highly motivated. They also act as a police force.

Attribute requirements: PS:10, PP:10, IQ:10
OCC Bonus:+5 init, +2 roll with impact or fall +2 to pull punch, +3 attacks/melee.
Special OCC weapon skill: WP general
OCC Skills

OCC Skills: select 12 other skills, but 2 must be from military and 5 from wilderness. +1 at level 3, 2 at level 6, 3 at level 9, and 4 at level 12. No skill exceptions
Secondary Skills:
The character gets 6 secondary skills from any skill type except domestic.
Standard Equipment:
Shoulder cannon, A-1 CSDF armored Exoskeleton, Tachyeon rifle HEAT rifle or other weapon, Laser knife, 4 E-Clips for each, four fusion blocks (6d6md), two smoke grenades, survival knife, distancing binoculars, two flares, utility belt, dress uniform, uniform, light armor (55MDC)

Colorado Springs Global Exploration (CSGE)

The CSGE sends teams out to map surrounding areas and make contact with new governments. However the executive board has decided to remain anonymous to the Coalition and any contact is strictly illegal (punishable by death). A typical team has 2 or 3 Nano-Juicers, a partial or full conversion borg, a wilderness scout, an infantryman, and a SupNat man. All members of the team have the following skills:

(NEW) Cartography- the ability to chart maps of territory 25%+5%/level.
Wilderness survival
Trap Construction
Trap Detection
Detect ambush
and Pilot Hover-cycles


When Waterfalls mining corporation finally reached the armory level, much of the American latest-golden age weapons technology had been destroyed. However, the blueprints and schematics were still inside A.D.C.I.N.'s Memory banks. From there, it was easy to access them and set up the factory to manufacture them. Several forgotten technologies (and some experimental ones) had been reborn. Recently, the Waterfalls Mining Corporation has begun to sell these weapons on the black market under a dummy corporation called Thermal Weapons Manufacturing to raise revenues.

Heat Guns

H.E.A.T. gun is an acronym for Heat Energy Accelerator Transmission gun. It can be multiple types of E-weapon: pistol, rifle, assault gun, or heavy ejector. A HEAT gun's main advantage is its lack of E-Clip. Radio-receptive materials inside the gun absorb background radiation, primarily infra-red (heat) radiation from the surrounding atmosphere. However, it does have one significant drawback— if a HEAT gun is used for too long a time, it will overheat. With the smaller pistol or rifle models, this only causes the gun to jam until it cools, but with the Assault gun and Heavy ejector, the gun will explode, doing 2d6x10md to a 50ft radius. Also, this gun doesn't work in outer space, and rate of fire is ½ underwater and in temperatures below 45oC The Ejector has become a favorite gun to mount on a small vehicles. The accuracy and laser sight systems give a bonus of +2 to strike.

Weight: Pistol:2 lbs Rifle:10 lbs
Assault Gun:15 lbs Heavy Ejector:20 lbs + 5 lbs energy pack
Range: Pistol:1200 ft Rifle:1600 ft
Assault Gun:2000 ft Heavy Ejector:1200 ft
Damage: Pistol:4d6 md Rifle:1d4x10 md
Assault Gun:1d6x10 md Heavy Ejector:2d4x10 md
Rate of Fire:
(any faster risks overload)
Pistol:10 shots/melee Rifle:7 shots/melee
Assault Gun:5 shots/melee Heavy Ejector:1 shot/melee
Price: Pistol:25,000 credits Rifle:45,000 credits
Assault Gun:70,000 credits Heavy Ejector:150,000 credits

Laser blades

Using ultra-dense, low frequency, repeating laser beams, Colorado Springs is able to produce a laser field in the shape of a sword, knife or staff weapon. In addition, as an additional feature, they can be equipped to fire a short range MD laser blast. All are fitted with microchips to vary the frequency of the laser in order to overcome laser resistant materials.

Weight: 3lbs for sword or knife, 8lbs for staff
Range: hand to hand combat, blasts are 800ft
Damage: knife: 2d6md, Sword: 6d6md, staff: 1d6x10md
Rate of Fire: 1 blast/melee, the knife, sword, and staff can be active for 30 min/e-clip
Price: knife:10,000 credits, Sword: 20,000 credits, Staff: 100,000 credits

NOTE: a claw version of the laser blades is still in the experimental phase, these will eventually give a +2 to parry.

Tachyeon Rifles

Tachyeons are physical particles with an imaginary mass. They travel backwards in time, at speeds greater than the speed of light. The Tachyeon rifle slows these to speeds below the speed of light, creating massive bursts of energy. These were theoretical weapons before the great cataclysm, and it is the Corporation's first Post-rifts weapons technology. These rifles are the mainstay of the infantry.

Weight: 25lbs+ 15lbs power pack
Range: 4000ft
Damage: 2d6x10md
Rate of Fire: Standard
Clip: 6 blasts, and recharges in 1 full minute
Price: this technology is rarely sold, and at no less than 1 million credits

Shoulder cannons

These cannons are mounted on a cybernetic implant shoulder, and have a link through a cybernetic eye to the cyborg's sight. The cannon aims exactly where the cyborg looks. The cannon itself can be any type: laser, particle beam, ion, plasma, and even rail guns. Any gun mounted this way gets a +5 to strike. A modular turret can also be implanted so that any gun can be mounted (changing guns takes five melee actions) Cost: 70,000 plus the cost of the weapon to be mounted

T.W. Annihilator

This is the first model ever produced by the new Techno-wizard division. It is based on spell Annihilate. The gun creates a small ball of antimatter and fires it at the target. When it hits, it literally annihilates the target. As it hits, the ball of antimatter converts the matter it comes in contact with into pure light. As such, it does double damage to vampires and other "nocturnal" creatures.

Weight: 15lbs
Range: 2000ft
Damage: 2d6x10md + 1d4x10 to a 10 ft radius
Rate of Fire: standard
Clip: 6 Blasts, 100 P.P.E. per blast to recharge
Spells needed: Annihilate, Particle Acceleration
Cost: Not yet on the market, scheduled for late 105 PA


In order to support the CSDF, the corporation has allocated much of its resources to building and outfitting new types of jets, power armor and tanks. All are standard with all points radar, radio, ECM jamming, and stealth systems

Nighthawk VTOL

The Nighthawk is a vertical takeoff or landing (VTOL) jet using advanced aerodynamics reminiscent of the pre-rifts Harrier jet. The Nighthawk is Colorado Spring's most successful pre-rifts designs. In addition, it is capable of low earth orbit, making it a versatile aircraft. It is fast and maneuverable enough to be a fighter, and carries enough ordinance to be a bomber.

Model type: Pre-010345
Class: strategic fighter/bomber
Crew: one, with room for one other passenger
M.D.C: (By location)

Speed: stationary hover (up to 5,500ft) or fly up to mach 2.5
Statistical Data:
Weapon systems:

1) Mini-missile launcher (2, side mounted)
Primary purpose: anti-aircraft
Secondary purpose: bombardment
Mega-damage: varies with missile type
Rate of Fire: volleys of 1, 2, or 4
Range: 1 mile
Payload: 40, 20 per missile

2) Tachyeon reaper cannon (1)
Primary purpose: anti-aircraft/anti-personnel
Secondary purpose: defense
Mega-damage: 2d4x10md per burst
Rate of Fire: bursts only
Range: 6000 ft
Payload: effectively unlimited

3) Plasma torpedo launcher
Primary purpose: bombardment
Secondary purpose: anti-fortifications
Rate of Fire: 1 at a time
Range: 2 miles
Payload: 50 torpedoes

Arrow Mark X

Although the Nighthawk provides a fighter/bomber, the CSAF still wanted a faster model, light fighter. Therefore, the executive board commissioned the Arrow series. The Mark 10 model is the fastest, quietest, and best recon aircraft ever designed by A.D.C.I.N. and the CSC physicists. Because it is so quiet, the pilot gets +25% prowl bonus, -50% to anyone tracking, and +10% to pilot jet aircraft

Model: Post- 104433-I
Class: scout aircraft
Crew: one
M.D.C: (By location)

Speed: max. Mach 5.3, cruising speed is 500mph
Statistical Data:

Weapon systems:

1) Laser weapons pods
Primary purpose: defense
Secondary purpose: anti-aircraft
Mega-damage: 1d4x10
Rate of Fire: standard
Range: 4000ft
Payload: effectively unlimited

2) Mini-Missile launcher
Primary purpose: anti-aircraft
Secondary purpose: bombardment
Mega-damage: varies with type of missile
Rate of Fire: volleys of 1 or 2
Range: 1 mile
Payload: 20, 10 per launcher

Advanced Hovercycles

The main export of CSC to the Pecos empire is its line of advanced hovercycles. All are standard with prowl systems (use the pilot's prowl skill), extra maneuvering jets (+20% to pilot skill), and nuclear engine (life of 20 years). For an additional 100,000 credits, the corporation can costumize the hovercycle, giving a 25% increase to speed, a 10% bonus to piloting, an extra 50 M.D.C, or an additional weapon's pod. Because of the advanced manufacturing facilities, these can be produced relatively cheaply. Also, because they are so small, any weapons fired at the hovercycle is at -2 strike, and the bike is +4 dodge. Pecos bandits love these bikes because they are light, cheap, reliable, and most of all, armored up the kazoo.

Statistical Data:

MDC: 150
Weapons: (standard) pair of Tachyeon cannons mounted just above the hoverjets (1d4x10+10 md, 2,600 ft.). Just about any type of weapon can be mounted as an optional.

Armored Exoskeletons

The mainstay of the CSI is its armored exoskeletons. It gives the infantryman an advantage over even some types of power armor. It is more agile and maneuverable than SAMAS and is still cheaper than a chipwell arms' exoskeleton. It can be customized for cybernetic and/or juicer soldiers. It uses a surprisingly similar design to the Northern Gun gladius light exoskeleton, but instead of a battery, it uses a hybrid HEAT/spent nuclear fuel system for power. This is the epitome of the pre-rifts American military, and it is never sold-- it schematics are the best kept secret in the corporation.

Model type: Armored exoskeleton
Class: Pre-10001
MDC: 425
Speed: 45mph running (does tire uses at 1/2 normal rate), 150mph flying (using special attachment)
Statistical Data:

HtH combat bonuses
Weapon Systems

Avalon flying fortress (experimental)

In response to reports of a new Coalition mobile fortress (see Rifts (TM) coalition war campaign, page 158), A.D.C.I.N. has designed a new type of tanker. Because CSC has a smaller military, it can't afford to build a vehicle that needs as big a command crew as the "firestorm mobile fortress). As such, the Avalon is almost completely automated. The main computer is a sophisticated AI almost as intelligent as A.D.C.I.N. himself. Already two Avalons are in final testing and three more are in various stages of manufacturing (two are in the beginning stages and one is two months away from completion.) The Avalon also has a state-of-the-art stealth system and an experimental laser force field.

Model type: Armored mobile fortress
Class: Post-13321
Crew: Because of the AI main computer, the crew is relatively small. 1 navigation officer, 1 communications, 1 tactical officer, 7 gunners and the Captain.
Troop Payload: Just about any combination of troops is possible. The total capacity is 500 plus crew. This means when completed the five Avalons will be able to transport the entire CSI. In addition, it can support a wing of aircraft (100 planes)
MDC by location

Speed: Can fly at a maximum speed of 600mph and a maximum altitude of 2000ft. This gives the Avalon a major tactical advantage over the Coalition's mobile bases.
Statistical Data:

Weapon systems:

1) Command deck laser batteries(16):
Primary Purpose: Defense
Secondary Purpose: Anti-missile
Mega Damage: 2d4x10md
Payload: effectively unlimited

2) Main Tachyeon cannons (2)
Primary Purpose: Assault/bombardment
Secondary Purpose: anti-aircraft
Mega Damage: 1d6x100 per single blast 2d6x100 per double blast
Range: five miles, although the damage is reduced by 20% each mile as the Tachyeons speed up
Payload: effectively unlimited, 5 per melee

3) Antimatter missile cannons (10)
Primary Purpose: bombardment
Secondary Purpose: Assault
Mega Damage: 4d4x10 plus 1d6x10 to a 50 foot radius
Range: 2 miles
Payload: 100 missiles per launcher, that's 1000missiles total

4) Sonic cannons
Primary Purpose: anti-personnel
Secondary Purpose: anti tank/ anti marine vehicle
Mega Damage: 1d6x10 plus 6d6 to 30 foot radius
Range: 3000 ft, and can pass through water at double damage and double range
Payload: effectively unlimited

Special features

1) Steal system: with complex color changing materials, the Avalon can become invisible to even visual scanning. Thermal scans have only a 33% chance of tracking, -10 for missiles to strike, and radar track is impossible. Sonar has the best chance of a track (50%).

2) Laser shielding: Using the same technology that creates the laser blades, the Avalon can create a laser shield which protects the ship. Because the shield is made of laser fields, any laser blasts add MDC, instead of subtracting from it. However, the shield drains so much energy from the ship that , the stealth system becomes inoperable and all energy weapons are at 3/4 damage. Also, the main cargo bay doors are unprotected to allow aircraft to takeoff and land while the laser shield is up. The shield itself also recharges at a rate of 40mdc/min

Dragon Tank

The Dragon tank is the main artillery of the CSI. It relies on its powerful main Tachyeon cannon and SAM missile launchers to support infantry in the field. But it still has enough close up firepower to be a significant front line force, if needs be It also has a flash cannon, which fires a circular laser blast for 50 ft around the tank. This works as a security measure which prevents any forces from capturing a working model. Its hover capabilities make it especially useful in rocky areas with no real infrastructure

Model type: Mobile Artillery
Class: Pre-15356
M.D.C.: (by location)

Speed: 80 mph using the hover system, 50mph using the treads
Statistical Data:

Weapon Systems

1) Tachyeon cannon
Primary Purpose: assault
Secondary Purpose: anti-instillation
Mega Damage: 5d6x10md
Range:2 miles
Payload: effectively unlimited, but can only fire once every 3 melee rounds

2) flash cannon
Primary Purpose: defense
Secondary Purpose: anti-personnel
Mega Damage: 1d6x10
Range: 50 ft
Payload: the flash cannon power packs fire 10 times before needing replacement. Replacing them takes 1d6 minutes

3) Particle beam cannons
Primary Purpose: assault
Secondary Purpose: defense
Mega Damage: 1d6x10
Range: 1500ft
Payload: effectively unlimited

4) Missile launchers
Primary Purpose: anti-aircraft
Secondary Purpose: assault
Mega Damage: varies with type of missile
Range: 1mile
Payload: 20 per launcher (40 total)

Final note: CSC also has access to many other types of vehicles, weapons, and power armor, including Naruni, Golden Age, Wellington, Atlantis (rarely), and Chipwell (also rarely). However, the Executive board have decided to avoid the use of rail guns for the CSDF.

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